Plays List - The lady theater

כאם לשלושה בנים
As a Mother of Three Boys
A satirical cabaret about a mother's journey, from courtship to giving birth to sending her boys off to the army
שערה לעזאזל
The Hair Strand from Hell
A play about a bald man, raised in a family overflowing with hair
He's Not a Tiger
The story of a tired elderly circus tiger who finds himself kicked out of the circus.
The First Lady of Taiti
One morning the First Lady of the State decided to set out on vacation with her travel bag, and walking stick.
NM1_0897-2 (Large)
A show full of surprises about cycles in nature and human creativity.
The Grandma Peshka Circus
A story that is unforgettable Of a polish couple that is quite respectable Who end up in a Zionist spectacle...