The Gypsies Are Coming

A happy and wandering colorful theater cart comes to every place and locality!
With actors like an accordionist and a drummer who play live.
The traveling show tells about a gypsy family, stuck in Israel due to Corona and now they are going to perform around the country in the hope of finding a way out...
An entertaining and musical show. Combines Balkan Gypsy music and immersive and entertaining interaction with the audience.
At the beginning of the show we will go around the town to raise the atmosphere and create a happy vibe and then we will go through 2-3 points (depending on what will be determined in advance) with a show based on selected pieces (numbers) from the theater performances.
Perfect for times of epidemics or post-epidemics... :)
The show is suitable for the whole family
Credit to the photographer - Ran Peretz

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